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Rufus Magnus


  Rufus is a renowned draftsman, designer and painter. Growing up in Central America in the 1950's he was surrounded in an environment full of exuberant nature endowed with a rich biodiversity. From a very young age, instead of playing the favorite games like all the other boys from his neighborhood, he took refuge in the artistic workshop of his grandfather at home. Soon he learned his own artistic expression through traversing brushes and papers stained with his paints. Inspired by his surroundings from his many years in Panama Rufus developed as an artist of ecological theme, focused on the biodiversity of his world ...the world we all live. In his mind, both animals and people are an inherent part of a nation and are inseparably as their inhabitants. In his beautiful artistic work, he masterfully manages to illustrate the great biodiversity of our world. His first piece in the series entitled 'Diversity in US' depicts the United States of America and its vast array of animals of different species throughout the many climates. Rufus lives in Panama and travels to the United States annually to draw inspiration. Long live nature! That's all we have. God bless America  


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